Craftsmanship in stone
 and wood since 1981



Ontario Stone House Model

I made this model/ miniature over the last couple of years. It is 1/12th scale, so 1 inch equals 1 foot. Overall,  it measures about 32" x 42" x 24" high. If this were a full size house, it would be a small one.
The model is based on a stone house style common in Eastern Ontario in the 19th century, most of which seem to still be standing and are still prized homes.  The stone work is real natural stone from the Owen Sound/ Wireton area of Ontario. All of the parts are made by hand  including the cedar shakes,  and the windows and doors. The windows and doors open. The front and back sections come apart to make moving the thing possible, and the roofs and upper floors  are removable to view the interior. The stone part of this house is heavy, as real stone walls are,  and requires 2 strong people to move it safely.

This model , which I started as an experiment, seems to be very unusual. I can't find anything equivalent to it on the web and people much more expert than I am who have seen pictures of it have said the same.  I've done a lot of unusual work in the last 35 years and had hundreds or thousands of people tell me how good the work is,  but I have never had the response that this model gets. Many people can't seem to take their eyes off it when they see it in person.  I would prefer that it be bought within the region , rather than by a collector somewhere else so that I can send future clients to  see it should I decide to accept commissions for similar work, but I will consider all offers.

I've had questions regarding commissions to build other model stone houses, either as reproductions of existing houses or for use by miniaturists, who want to furnish this kind of model with furniture etc. and so want more convenient access to the interior. I wouldn't want to build this kind of model with a wall missing, as dollhouses are built, but one could be made with a full exterior wall that could be removed, conveniently.  If someone wanted 1/12th scale model of an existing house, an exterior only model would be a much smaller job than one with a full interior. 1/12th scale is as small as I could go and make the thing be as realistic as this one is.


There is a  video on Youtube that you can look at to  get a better idea of the thing, and how it was made. The link is below. Please email with any questions.