Craftsmanship in stone
 and wood since 1981



A few examples of natural stone entrances built by us over the last 20 years  are shown below . You can click on any image to to see a larger one. Several more examples of flagstone entries are shown in the Flagstone Gallery
#2-Kanata entrance; completed Fall, 2006; includes stone lamp post; (the work is wet in the photos. )
#3-Orleans entrance, built in 2005 with closeups of the flagstone, upon completion and after 3 years 
#6 This stone entrance (below) which we built in the Fall of 2007 the Barrhaven section of Ottawa , uses Wireton limestone for both the flagstone and the larger "ledgerock" that makes up the risers of the steps and the sides of the stone lamp post. Some of the closeups show the variety of textures available with this stone.

#1- This job is shown 15 years after we built it in the Queenswood Heights neighbourhood of Ottawa.

To see a Youtube video of this entrance, click the link below.

#4 , This entrance uses square-cut flagstone from Wireton, Ontario. The glass block lamp post uses brick that matches that on the house.

Summer Stone Entrances, Ottawa

# 5- Below- This entrance includes a redesigned canopy and charcoal granite on concrete walk, with bullnose edge steps.

To see a Youtube video of this entrance, click the link below.

This job was done in the winter of 2011-2012.The roof structure was good, we installed a new stone base and refaced the canopy.