Craftsmanship in stone
 and wood since 1981



#1- ( Below) Summerstone rebuilt this 2 storey front porch in Ottawa in 2010. The existing porch, which appeared to have been mostly original with the house, was on the verge of collapse. We designed a new structure, changing the design and structure as required to accomodate current building codes, while keeping the overall feeling and details as similar as possible to the spirit of the original. We also redesigned the steps to coordinate their character with that of the porch. The existing steps appeared to have been poorly replaced at an earlier date. Before, during and after pictures are shown here. The porch ,which is primed, will be painted by the owner in 2011 to match the colours of the house.
Rebuilt Porch Gallery
This page shows a few examples of rebuilt porches that we have done in the last 5 years
Old porch
New and painted porch

#2- Ottawa South-This porch had a roof structure that was in good condition, so we just had to replace the platform, columns and steps, with a minor redesign in the process.

#5- Nepean- This porch canopy redesign along with a rebuild of the existing walk was done by us in 2012. The design is essentially the client's. The new walk is granite on concrete.

To see a Youtube video of this porch,  click the link to the right.

#3- Westboro, 2010. This was a collapsing interlock verandah with an odd small roof  that we replaced with a high cedar platform with a larger roof that sheltered the entire top level.  Difficult to see in the photos, but the rafters are shaped to reflect the detail on the house.

#4- Civic Hospital Area-This porch had a roof structure that was in good condition, so it was saved. We replaced the platform with stone on concrete and refaced the roof with cedar.