Craftsmanship in stone
 and wood since 1981



Deck Gallery
Since 1981, we have built hundreds of decks.   Some typical examples of the kind of decks that we build are shown on this page.You can click on any picture to see a larger image. To see more ambitious decks click on the link to the Large Deck Gallery to the right.
#1- This deck with a pergola-style arbour was built by SUMMERSTONE   in May, 2012
#2- (Below) The deck below was rebuilt by Summerstone in 2010. The deck that was in place had been built 25 years before and was falling apart. However, it was a good design , nicely proportioned , and well and uniquely crafted. We rebuilt it with new framing, very close to what it had been before.
#3- (Below) This deck was renovated and expanded by  SUMMERSTONE  in Spring 2010 to replace deterioration that had occurred and to include space for a new hot tub. The existing deck had been built using"deck blocks" as the support and had shifted badly. The owners also didn't like the pressure treated decking boards. We used the existing framing, which was fine, supported it with proper footings , expanded the structure to allow for the hot tub and installed the privacy screening in place of the prefab railing that they had before. Before and after pictures are shown.
Below are individual snapshots of a variety of decks and wood steps  built by Summerstone between 1984 and 2012

We rebuilt this deck in Manotick in 2012